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VDS Boys P.U. College


Education provides confidence and stability in life and it is something that no one can ever take away from anyone.  By being well educated and holding a college degree, the students increase their chances for better career opportunities and open up new doors for themselves.  During this process, no one should be deprived of getting it.  With this motto, the Samiti decided to start P.U. College in 1966 and Sri. Bhimrao Huilgol took the key role in establishing it.  As a result, today we find most of the poor, downtrodden and other students studying in this college.  The P.U. Education is working round the clock in shaping their all round personality. Sri.R.D. Deshpande and Sri. J.S. Jamadar have worked as Principals and put a strong foundation for  college section from 2006 till now Sri. M.C. Kattimani is working as Principal of this college. 

Sri. S. I. Meti, Sri. J.B. Bodlekhan, Dr. Kishorbabu Nagarkatti and Sri. J.D. Sounshi are serving as Lecturers. All are working with dedication, determination and discipline to bring out the best which is already hidden in the students. We have a spacious play ground and garden and our students have been displaying their talents in sports and cultural field.  Our students have excelled in state level Basket Ball and Hockey. Our colleges Kabadditeam was qualified for State Level for four consecutive years (1995-99) and have played well which is a grand historical record.  Now around 300 students are pursuing their education in this college. 

The specialty of our college is that, we have N.C.C. Wing and have the excellent Lieutenant Dr. B.S. Rathod who has trained the students and they have come out with ‘B’ and ‘C’ Certificates.  Nearly 200 students have been serving our mother land by joining Army and some others working in different fields.  Every year two to three students participate in Republic Parade in Delhi.  It is our great pride. 


We are imparting quality education with real human values which is very important in shaping the personality of our students.  It is our aim to make them compete with all the strength, knowledge and life skills to face the global world.  At the same time, they should inculcate patriotism and social service motto so that they stand as winners in our society.  We want all of them to be winner by doing special useful things.  I am also the past student of this school and it is my pride that I am serving as Principal of this institution.  We work with utmost dedication and sincerity.  Among all our selfless service is in our blood and sweat. 

Sri. M. C. Kattimani
V.D.S. Boys P U College, Gadag