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VDS Girls P.U. College


The P.U. College for girls was established by Sri. Bhimrao Huilgol in 1965.  Since then the college has produced many talented students who are working round the globe.  Sri. H.S. Huilgol served as first Principal later noted teachers and artist who served in this college.  Smt. C.H. Doodihalli served as Principal and also served as member of Municipal Council Gadag-Betageri.  Prof. R. N. Kulkarni who is a renowned artist contributed a lot by organizing dramas written by himself.  Smt. Vijaya Dixit, Sri. G.V. Shastri, Dr. Lakshmi Devi Gavaihave served in this institution and all of them have brought good works of art.  Sri. M.S. Kulkarni had dedicated his entire life for the development of the institution.  Along with him Sri. B.T. Kulkarni worked as Principal.  Both of them have taken much effort in developing this college.

Earlier, Sri. P. K. Kulkarni, Sri. S.C. Heddoori served as Principals and their service is always remembered.  As on date Smt. Mukta Udupi is serving as Principal along with Dr.B.S.Rathod, Dr. Dattaprasanna Patil, Sri. B.B. Mirji and Sri.Prashant Patil as lecturers. Mr. Sameer Handigol is working as non teaching staff. Today we have a strength of around 300 students. 

The students of this college have excelled themselves in sports and cultural events.  They have got prizes in State Level Throw Ball event.  Our students have participated in the State Level Wrestling and Karate events and secured prizes. 


Today, everybody speaks of women empowerment.  But it was realized long back and today we are very much happy to proclaim that we have achieved women empowerment by giving them value added education.  Specially girls from rural area study here with all the modern media and communication skills by using computers and have developed sound technical knowledge.  We stand by our commitment that we provide the best education for our girls and make them fit citizens who can face any challenges in the modern world.                         

Smt. Mukta Udupi


                                                     V.D.S. Girl’s P U College, Gadag