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VDS Smt. M.B. Huilgol College of Education


Smt. M. B. Huilgol College of Education is one of the prestigious institutions of the Vidya Dan Samiti, Gadag. The Vidya Dan Samiti School established in 1920, has now completed its 100th anniversary. The Vidya Dan Samiti is now running 10 independent schools and colleges ranging from pre-primary to pre-university and degree courses.

Smt. M. B. Huilgol College of Education was established in 2004. It is named after one of the former presidents of the Vidya Dan Samiti Management.

The Vidya Dan Samiti has a huge campus wherein all its institutions are housed with all facilities and well-equipped infrastrure facilities.

Smt. M. B. Huilgol College of Education is housed in a spacious building with well ventilated and illuminated class rooms, a resourceful library, a decent staffroom, a students’ rest-room, together with the facilities of pure drinking water. The campus includes a spacious play ground. The Vidya Dan Samiti Campus is in the center of the city and thus, it is very convenient for the learners to reach school campus.

Smt. M. B. Huilgol College of Education was established in 2004 and Shri Udaya Kulkarni the First Principal laid the sound foundation for it. The later principals Shr Harlapur, Shri T.V. Magalad, and Shri Bachalapur strove hard to develop it. Now Dr. Smt. GangubaiPawar is the Principal.

Smt. M. B. Huilgol College of Education is imparting holistic learning, supplementing informal education along with the formal curriculum. The Vidya Dan Samiti School has developed the tradition of holistic education since its inception in 1920s. This we do with ease with our routine and on-going projects and programs. The students of this institution have been rendering services in the reputed educational institutions in our state.



The Vidya Dan Samiti School is a century old and noted for its excellent traditions of holistic education. Our College of Education (Smt. M B HUILGOL College of Education) established in 2004, has been perpetuating and innovative methods of teaching and training. Taking note of the present days’ aspirational needs of our country, we believe in taking forward our education system towards national standards together with reinforcing our essential spiritual values. We, the teachers strive as a team with well-planned teaching and training our students who are the prospective teacher of the future.