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VDSTC Boys High School


Gadag has its own rich culture and has retained its name and fame in several fields.  During the year 1907, A football club bloomed as ‘Young Men Foot Ball Club’. Then, Honorary Magistrate by name Sri. N.V. Huilgol took the pivotal role in running this sports club.  Then he had an idea of creating the drama sector in Gadag.  Soon it came in to existence and many dramas were written by the Poet Laureate Sri. Huilgol Narayanrao and were enacted.  The Foot Ball Club and Drama Company both fetched them money which created another good thought in their mind.  They decided to spend it for the sake of Education especially keeping in mind to help the poor sectors of the society so came in to existence “VIDYA DAN SAMITI”.

Sri.N. V. Huilgol and Sri. N. K. Huilgol along with other members started “VIDYA DAN SAMITI SCHOOL” in 1920.  In the beginning there were only 8-10 students who learnt in the rented building under the able teacher Sri. G K Shirahattiin Vakil Chawl. Then gradually started classes from 1st to 5th standard.Sri.LaxmanraoDharwadkar, Sri. NarayanacharyaGudi, Sri. Sheshacharya Hombali started serving as teachers. Then Sri.N.V.Huilgol donated 10 acres of land and stood all the while and took care of the construction of building. Chavan Family donated Rs.10,000/-to the institution for the  High School ,So the name came to be called as ‘VIDYA DAN SAMITI TUKARAMSA CHAVAN BOYS HIGH SCHOOL’.     

The Samiti got registered in 1928. In 1938, the institution grew up to Matriculation.  Sri. N. V. Huilgol became the President and Sri. N.K. Huilgol became Secretary.  During this time,  Sri. G. K. Hunagund, served in the institution as Head Master.  The great poet and the recipient of Gnana  Peetha Award (ಜ್ಞಾನ ಪೀಠ ಪ್ರಶಸ್ತಿ) Dr. D. R. Bendre (ಡಾ|| ದ. ರಾ. ಬೇಂದ್ರೆ) served in this institution as head master. He made the institution as the great centre for literary activities during his tenure. 

Thus came an ardent teacher by name Sri. K.S.N. Iyengar who sincerely worked for more than three decades.  He got National Award as the best teacher and contributed a lot.  He is ever remembered for his name and fame brought     to     the     institution.  This followed the queue of the eminent critic     Sri.     Keertinath Kurtakoti, Sri. V. S. Kulkarni, Sri. H. M. Inamdar,   Sri.V D  Purantar, Sri. N. G. Hulgi, Sri. S. N. Savakar and many other respectable teachers served as Head Masters.  At present Smt. S. V. Bandi is serving as Head Mistress along with 20 teaching staff and 3 members as non-teaching staff.  Now nearly 500 students are studying in this Institution. 

It is a matter of great pride that Vidya Dan Samiti, Gadag is completing 100 years of its exemplary services in the field of Education.  Samiti boasts of Educating many successful Scientists, Artists, Doctors, Sports Persons, Finance Professionals, Poets, Literary Scholars, Politicians, Industrialists, Businessmen, Software Professionals and above all very responsible citizens. 


Today Vidya Dan Samitiis one among the reputedInstitutionsof North Karnataka in giving quality education. The Instituiton had begun by the Sacrifice and dedication of the Huilgol Family.The main motto of the Institution is to inculcate (“ಬುದ್ಧಿ ಬಲ ಶೀಲ ಕಲಾ’’) intelligence, strength, character and art in the students. We are determined to bring out future citizens who will contribute for the betterment of the society. 

Smt. S. V. Bandi

Head Master

        V.D.S.T.C. Boys School, Gadag